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Thread: DSA barrels who make m?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4thIDvet View Post
    My buddy bought that barrel j4... He is 6' 5" and eats nails for breakfast.
    He wants too meet this guy called him a "Mall Ninja."
    All kidding aside. He was an armorer in the Military.
    So he buys the parts and I watch him put it together.
    Son of a Gun. No not the great show. His putting it together.
    All these years of building a few AKs. Could not believe how easy it is, compared too the AK.. Everything just snaps on. I think?? We will find out when he pulls the trigger.
    Now he is on the phone ordering everything, lazer lights, scopes, night vision, can opener, for the damn thing.
    Oh God don't come here and tell him that barrel is junk. Please.
    Mall Ninjas rule...

    to be a "real" mall-ninja ya got to be in the "teens" and be playing lady-ga-ga on the i-pod thingy! i hear real ninjas have to carry acne cream in their kit!

    i digress! LOL

    yea AR-15 and their military kin the m16s are a snap to assemble. even if ya make it hard by milling a 0% lower it ain't really that hard if there are some machine tools to work with.

    the thing with the armalites there so easy to swap calibers-- any thing that will fit in the mag the armalite/AR can be made to shoot!--and all swaps are easy compared to other types. a barrel, a bolt and a mag is most likely all that is needed, and sometimes not even all of them!

    i was shocked to see how easy it is to make a 7.62x39 bolt from a 223/5.56 --damn near like falling off a log--LOL!

    it is a breeze to work with and not really that expensive if ya shop the interwebs and shop those deals.

    so far even the cheapest, low $$$ AR's assembled from well-worn ex mill and low ball -no name shit seems to work perfectly well and that is the problem child 7.62x39 conversion.

    it is the little details that decide if an AR is going to roll. as long as the parts fit and the little detail homework is done--she will shoot proper.

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    not sure

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