TNW machined upper,Centerfire
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Thread: TNW machined upper,Centerfire

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    Default TNW machined upper,Centerfire

    They have these in stock for $90. I was thinking someone here had one of these. If so, how do they rate?
    Clan MacPherson

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    Check these guys out. I have a blemished BCG and Lower from them and cant tell the difference from any other parts I have .

    I have my UPS tracking so next week I can send a pic of the receiver.

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    TNW billets are some good stuff-- the downside is you have to deal with CFS.

    i ordered one of those exact same things from them last year just about the time of the last panic for $79 shipped. --they never delivered and him-hawed around for like 6 weeks before they finally notified me that they wern't going to ship.

    a few years ago i got a TNW billet lower from CFS for $79 --it is perfect EXCEPT the hole for the BHO is off so i had to mod the bolt hold open to get it to lock open on the last round. so yea it was some kind of 'second" they just didn't bother to tell me.

    i'm tempted to order on of their TNW uppers just to have one match my lower. --the big problem is i don't want to deal with CFS again.--LOL

    now those $59 blems over at palmetto --those i could deal with. they look like the same ones SARCO was selling right before the panic for $59.

    they were excellent mega/stinger a3 units.

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