AR-15 upper 7.62x39 feed problems
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Thread: AR-15 upper 7.62x39 feed problems

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    Default AR-15 upper 7.62x39 feed problems

    I'm new here, so I'm sure this has already been discussed. What problems would be expected with a 7.62x39 upper to AR lower. I have heard of feed problems. I know your thinking, just get an AK, but I have AR parts and like the easy change of parts with the AR platform. RRA is in the process of building a rifle that uses AK mags, but doesn't sell just the lower.

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    j427x,,or coils,, had a good thread going about that very subject 6-8 months ago. It should be in the archives somewhere.

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    the 7.62x39 conversion is a little more involved --but it ain't rocket science.

    there are some feed issued with the mags --the c-products mags generally work well enough provided their not fully loaded.

    the 7.62x39 bolt will need a mod to get the correct firing pin depth as 7.62x39 primers are set deep.

    i don't know about RRs AK lower set up. several places have tried that before and you have to mod the bolt carrier to clear the feed lips on the AK mags.

    i don't know if RRs solved this little issue or not. generally i don't like the idea of grinding on a carrier-- so i don't know if you can cut the mags feed lips to fit. if this little deal was solved the AK/mag ar would be the more reliable as the AK mag is superior in 7.62 . MGI once made carriers with big cut outs for this application but it was pricy $$$$

    it don't hurt to have a extra power hammer spring as well.

    the 7.62x39 is a low pressure round. it seems to like bigger ports and a carbine length gas system.

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