just got in a BSA boss 1.5-4.5X32 illuminated scope with the turkey plex crosshairs.

very nice looking scope for $58 shipped-- could it be the "poor mans budget AR-15/AK scope!"??

glass is exceptionally clear ,very bright for its price range, the mag range is very close to advertised , the 1.5x looks to be a tad LESS than 1.5x --maybe 1.10x

4.5X is looking to be slightly over 4.5x-- close to 5x on mine. it covers enough mag range to do the job on a 5.56, and is more than enough for a 9mm carbine.

the only gripe about it so far is the turkey plex is a bit busy and the illumination in red and blue is not up to the optisan mamba but usable when you find the illuminations sweet spot , the green looks fine but the blue and red are sort of fuzzy in places.

it has exposed turrets that lock , they click you can hear and feel but not as solid as the crossman/centerpoint but more solid feeling than the much more expensive optisan mamba.

it is about the same size as a PA 1-4x 24 or optisan mamba 1-4x.

it has about 4" of eye relief and the "sweet spot" in the eye box is pretty generous, very generous for such an inexpensive scope.

so far it looks to be a hell of a deal for a budget AR-15 scope. my only concerns are how well the turrets hold up . by the way they feel i suspect they be OK.

it compares very well to some much more expensive glass i have on hand. i suspect this is the SAME scope BSA sold years ago as a "cats-eye"--they changed the cross hairs to the turkey plex and called her a shotgun scope.

now if they had put a euro #4 in here with a illuminated horseshoe/dot --were talking a "home-run" for an ar-glass!

i wasn't all that "warm and fuzzy" about the optisans BDC/circle dot till i started using it. i might find the "turkey-plex" a bit better than first glance after a bit of use.

the glass in this BSA seems better than the crossman/centerpoint T1 that was supposed to retail for close to $200, and looks much better than the cheapo simmons and bushnelle banner 3-9x 40, in fact it seems closer to the mamba and the PA 1-4x scopes - i'll have to live with it a while to be sure.

but this is the best 'cheap glass' i have seen so far--