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    Default AR BCG ???

    Gentlemen, what's the difference between a full/auto BCG and a semi/auto BCG? I don't see a difference looking at pictures and I can't afford to buy something I can't use.
    The reason I ask is that I figure that something designed to run 16 rounds per second has to be a tough piece of goods and should last forever in a semi/auto.
    I hope this isn't a newbee type of question. I've been a shooter for almost half a century but I'm new to the AR platform.
    Thanks. Hunter

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    look at the bottom rear of the bolt carrier the FA carrier will extend farther forward than the semi auto one

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    Theres a bit more metal in the rear of the carrier. This part was originally designed to trip the auto sear on the M16 but isn't needed in a semi-auto rifle.

    Now the extra metal has the benefit of extra mass and there are endless discussion on the "benefits" of having the M16 style carrier vs the "semi-auto" style. I run the M16 style in mine personally.


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    most everybody runs the m16 carrier in the ar-15 provided it is legal.

    having a M16 carrier DOES NOT MAKE a AR-15 a M16. in fact a M16 carrier won't work with a drop in auto sear-the RDIAS things.

    - ironically the laws trying to keep m16 carriers out of ar-15s is probably HELPING criminals make illegal full auto arms--

    bunch a smart folks we got up there--LOL

    it is legal to have in an AR-15 in most states.

    i have mostly m16 carriers and a few ar-15 types, i like the m16 carriers better, i will still buy a AR-15 carrier but it has got to be --cheap-cheap cheap or i'll just get the 16 type.

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