optics planet has the UTG a2 stock with buffer tube, spacer, spring and buffer on sale for $49.99 with free shipping.

optics planet loves discount codes so there are several $5 off codes and some 5% off codes that should work saving a few bucks$$$.

i used "OPWC735JKQWF" and got $5 off for $44.98 shipped. not bad for a complete a2 stock set up even if it is a UTG.

i have bought a few UTG a2 stock set up before and with a little tune up on the buffer they run fine--don't look as good as a USA made Rock river a2----but quite a bit less expensive for "acceptable" Taiwan quality.

the plastic ain't quite up to USGI standards and the buffer tube is not made of USGI spec aluminum , but the UTGs are close enough to be serviceable for most uses.

i am getting to like the a2 stock length to get the proper eye relief on some of my more serious glass---LOL!