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Thread: What willl happen with the ARs in banned ammo caliber???

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    yea the problem is with the low cost part.

    there is enough ammo for now anyway it is all just too expensive.

    even re-loading is getting expensive. last load of 9mm bullets i got was about $0.10 each -- thats not counting brass , primer and powder. not that long ago i was buying loaded brass cased ammo for that.

    i expect somebody to pick up the 5.45x39 slack -- that is till their imports get cut off.

    scuttlebutt is the big "O" and crew are going after ALL imported ammo sooner or later-- don't matter if it has steel or not.

    then their going to attempt to regulate the sale of US made & produced ammo.

    the big "O" and his socialist cronies think the US citizens are just going to "roll over' like they did on "obamacare" --

    bend over folks cause here it comes again!

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    same reason i dont reload J.....

    9mm can still be had brand new reloadable for around .19... sometimes 18... hard to justify loading it when its that cheap.

    same apply's to any of the rifle cal's... if you can buy it for less than .30 per round? pretty tough to beat that loading it on your own...

    powder, primers, cases, bullets, tumblers, media, case trimmers, die's, loading machine..... TIME...

    lots of guys talk about reloading for .10 a round, but after you factor all the other stuff in & that all important time factor? man o man... thats a tough sell.

    for guys who reload because they just LIKE to do it? more power to them & they have my admiration for their patience!
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    The 5.45 is still cheaper than the .223 and just as easy to find, so I'll keep my 5.45 upper on & shooting.

    5.45 SB 5.45x39 60 gr FMJ (750 rds) A545SB

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