Christmas came early this year
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Thread: Christmas came early this year

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    Default Christmas came early this year

    My son surprised me with a early gift last night,,he had me order up a brandy new Bushmaster A2 complete lower today!!! Surprise Surprise !! And the delta ring tool for getting the M4 style forearms on and off with,,,Awesome !

    He said he "figured sense I'd gotten the Bear Creek x39 upper, I might's just as well have a dedicated lower for it." I LIKE how that boy "figures",,

    I think the tool was cause he'd helped me pull the Sig M4 fore arms off without it an couple times and the Delta ring bit his finger last time,,he told me "fuck that, I'm getting ya the tool so's you don't ask me to do that shit again,,,that's a bitch to do $#@$&%(&&&^^%%$%#$%&*(^*() ",,,
    So True !

    Ya, he's a smart ass just like his old man,,,gezzzzz!

    But now hunting season is over were both chomping at the bits do do some blasting, I really want to check that Bear Creek upper on paper and fine tune the sighting in. It hits beer can targets @ 100 OK but that's a really big target actually at 100, so I'd like to see how well it groups and dial it in totally on paper.
    Sense he's getting me the lower,,I guess I'd better bring plenty of ammo when we go,,I'm sure he'll want to help me break it in good,,,no doubt. Can't spite him that one I guess , he did get me the new lower after all!

    Thank You Son,,love ya man!!

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    Awesome! I'm in the process of building a dedicated lower for my 300 blk as well. You have a good son!
    Clan MacPherson

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