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The proposed enactment of the UN Convention on Light Weapons, is contained in Obama written and Snowe (among others) co-sponsored senate bill pending. I'll have to go back and review to find this.

Much more troubling: Roberts "Heller Decision" re-defines the definition of "Arms", to conform to the UN Treaty. NRA, GOA, JPOF, all are ignoring this.

Look up the definition of Arms in the Heller decision: @ pg 53 in the PDF if memory serves. This begins: "Then, as now..." and is fiction revising fact of the Arms of the American Revolution.

Also note that if implemented, the UN treaty contains no pre-1898 provisions. All military designs, whether original, copies, or designs derived from a military weapon of any age would be prohibited from civilian possession.

As this would apply to, for example, winchester 54, 70, Rem 700, (derived design from Mauser turnbolt military design) you may start to see the details.

Hillary Clinton in the past week pushing for treaty implementation. A 2000 page bill passed late at night needs only a two line subscript to pass.

Right now, garden seed is getting very hammered. I seriously recommend a two year supply, stored with dessicant. Long row garden plan contained in "5 acres and independence", @ $9, good place to start. 120 x 200, food for 6 for a year. Needs updating for your climate/location, and modern varieties. Open pollinated strongly advised, and shorter colder season than the past 20 years or so.

Why? implementation only requires interruption of our just-in-time food supply, two weeks later, rations, cards, registrations and dispositions of all firearms owned since 1968
could be the "solution" to the "emergency" Obama proposes.

Enforcement: "Council of Governors", Rand Policing and Stability Policy, Interpol led?

Can't smell the New World Odor yet?
How many times do we have to have this silly discussion? International treaties do not take precedent over the United States Constitution. The New World Order was a George HW Bush thing, and it's 17 years old. Nothing new. Nothing to worry about. Everything's OK. The UN can't force the U.S. to do anything. Only China has that power, because we've been borrowing so much from them for the past 10 years that they can devalue our currency if they wanted to - which they don't, because we owe them money. Why would they devalue their own investments?