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    Yes I belive that finding a "how to assemble a Para FAL A-Z" is kind of hard because much of it will be intrisically understood if you have all of the pieces on a table and can fondle them.

    The big thing about the "para cut" receiver is that it needs the notch up front for the slightly different bolt carrier/top cover that the para uses.

    The short answer is if you get the entire rear assembly from DSA etc (the $450 kit) you need only to notch the receiver to use it. Or buy a Para scope mount top cover as well, which doesn't have the ear. Can't remember now, need to look at it again.

    Much of this was discussed a few years back:


    If you search the entire forum for "para conversion" or "para receiver" or "para ____" etc. you should be able to find all the info you'll need.
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    if you go slow you can notch out for the para nose cover with a dremil. i did these 2 or you can send it off and for $50 each get someone to mill the receiver out for the nose. i chose to use the dremil on mine.

    the regular rear site can be used if you modify the rear block. just grind slow to remove enough metal for the site bases to fit. i chose to do this on mine.
    this was done on some rifles in some countries or you can buy the para sites for around $60.

    watch the different for sale sites and you can buy the parts to do all the conversions.

    i finally finished 2 of mine last week. i have been working on them for a few years.
    2 more to go, still gathering up parts.
    (these are a mix-master of parts left over from other builds. )

    both are 922r compliant.

    1 has a 16-1/2" barrel (israel hand guards) the other is a 18" barrel.

    they shoot good.

    good luck with your build.

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    THANKYOU SGT RON!!! I will try this with my Dremel tool! (like you said, It will also take me a bout a year to get the parts rounded up!!!)

    You must REALLY REALLY like the Izzy handguards!!!

    I just got told by the wife to cool it on all of the gun parts buying, so it may be a while yet!

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