I shot a papered FAL
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Thread: I shot a papered FAL

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    Default I shot a papered FAL

    At a local machine gun shoot several years ago at a junk car at the range. Twenty rounds? Maybe five hit the car from the shoulder now right after heart surgery. An IMI converted UZI? Swiss cheese on a couple soup cans at 25. Lots of fun that day.

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    An acquaintance had a number of full autos. I don't think I ever shot his FAL, but I ran a few mags through his M-14. That one was thoroughly miserable to shoot on rock-and-roll, and I understand why the Army deleted the full auto feature on later ones.

    My wife did cut down a tree with his M-16, though. He kept handing her magazines until she melted the handguard...
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    Full autos are so much fun to shoot I'm glad I got me a good amount of trigger time in the Army, as owning them is very expensive...as a citizen..but the M-16 M249 Saw M-60 M-2 were all I get to rock and roll with.. I've always wanted to dump a drum out of a tommy gun maybe some day I'll rent one in vagas...

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