Out shot!!! DOWWWW!
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Thread: Out shot!!! DOWWWW!

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    Default Out shot!!! DOWWWW!

    Well it finally happened yesterday,,,,,

    My son out shot me yesterday for the first time,,,,ever! GOOD JOB SON!! But it did take him till he was 26 almost 27, to do it!

    We started out with the VZ's, Ar's and Ak's on targets and clays hanging in branches, at all different kinda ranges and that was to easy so we switched it up to shooting the eyes out of the targets(4, 20 round groups in the pidgin), then the beaks,, still to easy with the AR. Then through the center of a 1/2" washer @ 50 and 75m, if you hit the washer,,,you loose. Still it wasn't much of a challenge for either of us so,,, we switched it up to shooting Penney's @75 and 100m with 22's in the South 40 and of course as always a friendly competition arose out of it. We usually glue 5 Penney's to 2 pieces of paper and take turns shooting at the Penney's, kinda like a dueling tree,,first one to miss,, looses,,,,

    I finally missed after about 1 1/2 bricks of 22 ammo ,several rolls of Penney's and 4 1/2 hours of shooting,,,DOWWWWWW!!!!

    The heat is on now, time to practice up a bit and tighten up my groups,, the kids getting good!!!!!
    The challenge is on now, he could hardly get through the door his head was so swelled up with pride!!! Little shit!

    I got to get busy, I seem to be slacking nowadays,

    The old eyes just aren't what they used to be! I used to be able to shoot the nuts off gnats @ 100m, but now I just wing them, gezzzz,,, slipping I guess! Got to practice up, I'm loosing my touch. Here's just one of the targets and a few of the Penney's we blistered. My poor angled backstop is getting beat too, as you can see by all the lead splatter, time for a new one, soon.

    We did shoot lots of different guns yesterday and tons of ammo for the first time in months, were both refreshed now. I miss shooting like that on a regular basis. We ended up going through 2-3 K rounds at least, by the time all was said and done, but what to hell! But I'm thinking there will be a fresh challenge coming this next week end. He's buying his own ammo this week though! Especially if he keeps beating me!

    What better a way to spend a 4th of July week , shooting and celebrating Independence,,,,, and just having a great time with your son,,,,does it get any better than that??? Don't think so folks!

    Semper Fi!
    In Vermont,,Were still enjoying the freedoms you've helped us keep my brothers. Your never forgotten here.

    Happy 4th folks!
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    Some one taught him well.

    My son is catching up fast with the 223 at 100 yards . I still kick his as at long range stuff were range estimation is a factor but He is gaining fast at fiked ranges were trigger control an being steady an good eyes are key.

    great he is still shooting with you .

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    Sounds like you guys had a great time. I miss shooting with my boys. Everybodys doing the family/work thing and cant find the time.
    A funny story- Years ago when my sons were pre/early teens, we went to the gun range with a coupla Marlin model 60s, open sights, and shot the heck out of paper targets till they started getting bored. To liven things up a bit, I offered 1 dollar for every empty shotgun shell they could hit at 100 yards. At first I thought my money was safe, but once they figured out the hold over, I started having to pay up. I forget the exact amount, but between the 3 of them they took me for something like 35 bucks!
    Clan MacPherson

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    Hackers are out in force today

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