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    [Edit: synweap223 was sick and just managed to get the MO out. I trusted him and that's why I waited 2 weeks before complaining, but I should have waited a couple of more days. Now I feel bad for doing so.

    syneweap223 is a stand up guy.

    Sorry bud! I wish you a speedy recovery.]

    I sold my spotwelder to synweap223 in the classifieds section a couple weeks ago. Since I was in the process of moving to Florida and he wasn't able to get me the money before I left my old place, we agreed that I would send the spotwelder and he would send the money order at the same time. Fast forward to now. The welder was delivered as proven by delivery confirmation. I haven't heard a word since before I sent him the email with the tracking number, nor have I seen my money order.

    Synweap223, if you're out there, you owe me $140 buddy.

    Very disappointing.
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