WTK Best trigger guard/ stock for Saiga 12
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Thread: WTK Best trigger guard/ stock for Saiga 12

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    Default WTK Best trigger guard/ stock for Saiga 12

    OK, I m ready to take the plunge and convert my Saiga 12. Trying to decide on the trigger guard and stock configuration and weather to cut the receiver for the orginal pistol grip- nut or use the trigger guard with the integral pistol grip mount as sold by Carolina Shooters Supply. Any opinions on this
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    I know you mentioned CSS, but did you check the prices at AK-Builder? He has these parts too.
    When I did mine I cut the square out for the pistol grip nut, but if you feel uncomfortable doing that the rivet on one will be just as good.

    But yes, get the trigger guard & selector stop that everyone has listed as the "S12" one, it's designed after the one the Russians use.

    As for stock, give some more details about what style(s) you like, or if you want to mod the original mount. Anything that fits a standard AK stamped receiver will work with the S12 without modding the stock tang.
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    I have used both. The AK Builder setup is nice, but the CSS kit is also nice, and is much easier to install. But if you want to use rivets and make the most "AK looking" conversion possible, Curtis' kit is a good way to go. If you want something bolt on, get the CSS trigger guard. Also, there is this guy on the forum who makes a stock that happens to work pretty well on the Saiga Shotgun.... I hear he's running a sale right now.

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