Saig .308 to 260 Remington and .243
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Thread: Saig .308 to 260 Remington and .243

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    Default Saig .308 to 260 Remington and .243

    If there are barrel makers out there, why can't one press out the barel pin, remove the barrel, remove the pinned on gas block, then have a barrel turned on a lathe to the right diameter, drill a hole for the gas block and then press on a 260 Remington (6.5mm bullet) barrel or a .243 (.243 dia bullet) onto the Saiga? The bolt would be the same, and the magazine would hold the same as well, especially the .260 Remington as I have some of the empies and they fit perfectly in the magazine.

    Looks like a nice change of calibers to somehting less recoil, faster and with the 260 Remington further shooting with better bullet BC.

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    I don't see why not. No changes to bolt head/extractor or to mags should be required. Perhaps some different tuning of the gas port.

    I especially like the 6.5 bullet. Another idea would be the 6.5 Grendel, necked down 7.62x39....

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    Its been done ( I KNOW FOR FACT) in both the caliber's you mentioned as well as 22-250 and 7mm-08. I am working on a 358 win barrel idea with a guy currently. it may require a mag mod as the bullet is bigger. the 260 will work as is. there is also also a guy I spoke to who wanted to to a 6.5 creedmore. I personally am looking at doing a 6mm-284 or possibly a 6.5-284. i need to do some bolt thrust calculations first .

    in regards to the 22-250 keep in mind that there is a lot more pressure with this round so hand load accordingly.

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