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    Did you guys see tho thread on the Saiga forum regarding Scott's new tri-rail?

    Apparently Scott sent tromix one for evaluation. One of Tromix's engineers posted a comment about how nice it was and a very nice extrusion. Scott corrected him and told him it was machined from aluminum billet, not an extrusion. The Tromix dude comes back and says Wow, the machining was so nice that he thought it was an extrusion. He was really impressed then.

    The difference in strength between an extrusion and machined billet is night and day. Those cheapo $50-$70 ones you see advertised are extrusions. The $200+ ones you see advertised are billet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7.62x39 View Post
    You can hang a sling off it anywhere you want. There are dozens of manufacturers who make picatinny sling mounts.
    I'm with ya on that. I think I'd prefer a sling mount on the side rail rather than the bottom rail. Hope the stackup of mount/swivel doesn't stick out so far as to be anoying. If you add a mount/sling swivel, I sure would like to see some photos of your setup.

    Looks like Scott has a QD swivel socket in mind on the next generation. The socket will save you $$$ by deleting the need for a mount, but of course it will not be relocatable.

    So many choices

    Did I do that?

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