Adjustable FCG in a stock saiga-12 Oh My!
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Thread: Adjustable FCG in a stock saiga-12 Oh My!

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    Smile Adjustable FCG in a stock saiga-12 Oh My!

    A couple of people inquired if it could be done, and by george we did it!
    This is an item that will be available through Ak-builder and Red Star Arms. It still counts as three compliance parts. Hammer, Sear, and disconnector. The trigger is remote and foreign made, so it does not count. THis is ideal for those using the Tapco intrafuse T6 stock set or those wanting to keep the original Monte Carlo hunting stock. It is fully adjustable for engagement, creep, and overtravel. The selector has to be slightly modified to work with the adjustable FCG. This will also work on the stock rifles. Watch each of their websites for more details and availability.
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    Nice! What Saiga models will this fit?

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    While I think that this is good news for anybody looking to keep the trigger in the sporting position, I'd like to see some documentation that a sear is a countable part in a Saiga. There is no sear listed in the Saiga parts count that the ATF released. Even if it was counted, it would add another part to the list, thereby canceling itself out.

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