Recoil dampener stock for .308 Saiga
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Thread: Recoil dampener stock for .308 Saiga

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    Default Recoil dampener stock for .308 Saiga

    Last weekend I came up with an idea for my Tapco T6 collapsible stock for reducing the recoil on my Saiga .308. It involved a $2.00 coil spring and a 45 cent roll pin, and some time. The spring is 4.75" x 1" dia. The roll pin is 1/4".

    Drilled a hole from top to bottom inside the very rear of the butt stock, vertical, for the roll pin. This provides the stop for the spring.

    I cut out the 5th hole to an elongated form to allow for some "travel". I like the 5th hole position for my self. The rifle can still be moved to the 6th (last most extended position) or to another position. I do not think you can get much past hole 4 unless you put in another spring, or completely take this out (preferred).

    When shot, the center tube now has room (slot) to slide inside the receiving butt stock rear piece and has resistance against the spring right away. I have tried it doing some bench rest trails, on handloads Friday (9-11-09) and it has performed spectacular, reducing the felt recoil by a significant amount. The fire is single shot and it gets back on target a bit quicker. Reminds me of shooting the 7.62 x 39 Soviet round, and not the .308

    Very easy to do, and really lessens the felt recoil on the .308.

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    nice idea. or you cold just get a FAB/MAKO stock like the ones i have for sale. the quality is superb. the only reason i looking to sell is i have alway had an affinity for wood. I have also gone through the tac black phase and realized that i want the sleek simple design of the bone stock AK.

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