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    I've been looking for a new gun to buy. Prices have hyperinflated lately. Then I got some good advice from Uncle Joe: " Buy A Shotgun". I started doing research on this weapon they make good home defense weapons. After perplexing awhile I decide to but a Mossberg 500. It has dual extractors, the safety in the right spot a decent Amercian made product so I bought a beater from my local pawn dealer. I cut the ventilated rib off the barrel and cut the barrel down to 18 1/2 inches. I repainted the barrel. I cleaned the gunk out from the receiver. I bought a Tacstar side saddle for the left side of the receiver and shotshell pouch for the right buttstock . The wepon now can hold seventeen rounds on board great for a bug out or a zombie apocolapyse situtaion. The front sight is a Hi Viz fibre optic great for low light and rapid target acquistion. It has been drilled and tapped with a Weaver scope mount. It has a BSA combination laser/flashlight mount combo. I also mounted another flashlight/laser to the barrel. Before you pull the trigger you most clearly identify the target and lasers can help blind your target along with the flashlights.
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    I currently own a Mossberg 500. It is the one that comes with 2 barrels-a 28 inch for hunting and an 18.5 inch for home defense. At this time I do not have it tricked out with anything, but I do like your ideas. I keep mine with the short barrel for home defense. I do appreciate your post.
    Another thing-ammo is pretty well available for this gun, so stock up now! Tomorrow, things could change.

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    I like it. I am a sucker for the earlier model 870s though. I have been pondering fiber optic front sight for some time but I can't get over ho much I love the rifle sights I have on mine... I like slugs... Nice little set up though. You cant go wrong with a good HD shotgun. Just don't go shooting it in the air now. That's illegal. Just stay with the Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Slow Steady Squeeze. Put those two shotgun blasts where they belong.
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    Sweet deal. I love my 870. I put a trijicon ghost ring sight on it, three bright green dots when lined up with the front sight. braided a sling for it from 550 cord. It looks mall-ninja as heck, but I love the stock, its great when shooting slugs and 3" shells, and the bayonet is handy too; turns the shotgun into a spear when i run out of ammo!

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