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    Thumbs up Sportsman's Guide

    Excellent Company. Ordered a laser/flashlight combo unit w/ mount and pressure switchs. 2-30 round mags for my P-85. Laser/light came yesterday. Mags just got here via UPS.. Free shipping.. All products seem to be decent quality. All for under 90 dollars

    Other sites had the laser/light and mount for around $100 alone..

    Another happy customer. Even the wife says I should look for more accessories for our firearms..

    Now if I can get rid of this "virul bronchitis" and field test the mags..

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    Their an ok company, you just got to pay attention to some of the stuff they get though, sometimes (& some of it) is really cheap crap. They used to have really good deals on surplus stuff, but I haven't watch there site in a while.
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    i have got a lot of junk from them. i last got a scope that was made out of pot-metal and the intensity switch broke off the first time i turned it off.

    they can be a real run around/PITA on back orders. they also want to sell/bill you for the guide-gear club which is of dubious value to start with.

    they are however good on returns. you will get your money back--if you wait long enough.i know cause i have returned about half the shit i ordered from them due to it being flimsy , poorly made or just plain don't work. some of their off brand rifle optics makes air-soft look like the good shit!

    i do still order from SMG from time to time. but i make damn sure i KNOW what i am getting before hand. do not rely on their descriptions or their "reviews" for any products.

    my "review" of that crappy scope never got posted--wonder WHY?

    yea i still trade with them--but if the product looks too good for the price--beware!

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