Sorry, but it looks like I placed my review in the wrong place. I do reviews, and have for the past 8 years for a mag. co. But decided this looked like a mature place to inform people about new products. I did post a review about the co. in the AR forums (sorry) but new (and old) AR fans should check out this up and coming company. The guns shoot great, and lowers are excellent, and I have reviewed, BCM, LMT, RRA, and many others. Ar's are like AK's you can have a milled Arsenal AK for 1K+ or a cheapo WASR10 for $309. It's up to you. Yea I have both and neither have failed me yet, but if you like the smooth lines, and tight fit, and accuracy, then there's only a few AR's to choose from, and CMT is one of them. Kinda like a Keltec P3AT and a Ruger LCP. Both shoot the same rd, about the same weight, but just look at the two. The LCP looks like a Ferrari, compared to a Taurus. That's what sites like this are made for, and if it hadn't been for them, alot of people would own DPMS Sporticals, instead of RRA, or BCM. If you would like to know more, just visit If not, please hold on the neg posts, and lets just chill. I also like to see Companies made in the same state I live in, and work in. I have been with Black Water for the past 4 years, and love my job.