minox scopes? anybody shooting with one?

as all ways i surfing the goober-net for a "deal" i was over a SWFA and they got quite a few minox ZA5s and ZA3s for greatly reduced prices on their dealer samples list. the got a ZA-3 50mm scope for like $259 for instance --

now i ain't into the 'high end glass hype" but i do get tempted when i find one half priced. i am more on the order of a $200 and under--way under type of scope guy--LOL!

now i know that minox uses the very high end glass and so on in the ZA5s, the ZA3s i think have us glass from their plant here in the US . one of my shooting pals has a ZA3 and well the clarity of the glass and brightness of it is amazing.

then i find a minox ZV3 for $150 new in the box-- now i know that minox is making glass in china too--LOL

now i am really confused-- anybody got one of these ? are they worth the asking prices are is it all just mark up--then cut back hype?