Tung Oile not Drying Glossy
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Thread: Tung Oile not Drying Glossy

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    Default Tung Oile not Drying Glossy

    I'm working on a Mosin-Nagant rifle stock. The plan is to strip off the old shellac, then build up a nice tung oil finish, then seal it with Tru Wax. Idid the main stock with spectacular results. It was everything I hoped it would be - a golden orange finish with gentle brown undertones that make the wood look warm and which brings out the tiger-striped grain very nicely. Over tung oil Tru Wax looks even better than it did over Tru-Oil. It's truly amazing.

    The problem is coming with the wooden upper handguard. I stripped it the same way I did the rest of the stock - rubbing with denatured alcohol for about an hour removed all traces of the shellac. The very thin coats of tung oil I applied with a clean rag. I applied over 30 coats tryning to get it to have the same shiny finish that the main stock has. No luck. It soaks in every coat leaving a totally smooth dull finish that will clash pretty dramatically with the rest of the stock when it's assembled. Has anybody else encountered this problem? How can I fix it? I've already twice sanded the oil off using a 00000-grade steel wool, and re-applied it, but I get the same results.
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    dont sand for as few coats , then see if it dont get glossy, let it dry for 12hrs min between coats too

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    I had the opposite problem. I wanted a somewhat of a satin finish. Anyway, I am not sure if you applied a sealer prior to applying the tung-oil. Some woods are susceptible to acting like sponges when not properly sealed. Try using the following mix to seal the wood (see below). Once sealed you can reapply the tung-oil as many times as you want to get your glossy finish.

    Sealer: mix a 1-part of tung-oil to 3-parts of mineral spirits (ex 10ml-tung-oil to 30ml of mineral spirits. You would not to mix that much for this.

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    or you can just keep putting tung oil on it it will eventually seal up and fill in. went through the same problem with a table top. just keep at it it will come out the way you want it.

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