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Thread: Looking for park/bluing burner specs.

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    Thanks for the link to Agri supply,I was just about to go to HF for a double burner for more than that.

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    I built the burner over the weekened. Total cost for all parts minus propane and regulator was 30$. I used a 4' 3/4 black pipe threaded on both ends. (Picked up at the local hardware store) I drilled 1/8 holes half an inch apart for the length of the pipe, save for 4 inches on each end for clamping. The gas train was made from a 3/8 to 1/4 brass adaptor, flare on the 3/8 side (To adapt to the regulator hose) threaded into a 1/4 brass ball valve. on the valve outlet there is a 1/4 to 1/8 brass adaptor. I drilled the 3/4 pipe cap big enough to fit the threads for the 1/8 end of the adaptor. I then screwed a 1/8 brass cap onto the threads locking the 3/4 cap in place. I drilled the 1/8 cap with a #55 hole. (all fittings were ordered from McMaster)Then I drilled 6 1/4 holes into the pipe cap for air mixing. Seems to work good, but i need to take it apart and try to remove the burrs inside the pipe from drilling the holes. I think that is why the flame height varies.
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    Moleman, pretty is as pretty does. Your setup looks beautiful to me.

    For bluing you'll need to pursue one of two routes. The first is rust bluing. You can read all about it here:

    The AK Files Forums - RUST BLUE

    Me I use hot bluing. It's cheaper, faster, and it can be done to an assembled rifle unlike the rust blue process. You can find out more than you want to know about it here:

    The AK Forum :: Log in

    Hot bluing (as stated in the above-referenced thread) can be done using ammonium nitrate or nitrate of soda. The latter is more readily available, and it blues at a lower temperature. Either one needs to get a LOT hotter than a stove can get it. A crawfish boiler burner or turkey boiler burner works best. Me, I have ammonium nitrate, and the results of my bluing are damned near perfect. I NEVER paint or park my AKs even if it may be more "correct". Bluing looks SOOOOOO much better.
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    Just a picture for ideas..

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    I've been using the burner from a turkey fryer, It works great. I just need to stir it occasionally to keep the temperature consistent between the middle and the two ends. I monitor it with a no contact infrared temp sensor.

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