Like feces in a toilet bowl, anti-gunners are today floating around Congress and stinking it up. Liberals never want a "good crisis" to go to waste. And, therefore, any and every opportunity that they get a chance to smear their enemies, they take full advantage of it.
Right now, they are blaming ALL of their political enemies for spreading "Hate Speech" which is what they say caused the tragedy in Newtown! And, what is "Hate Speech" to Liberals? Well, it is ANYTHING that they disagree with! If a Liberal says that he doesn't like hot weather and you say you do, to him that is "Hate Speech!" If his favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla and you say chocolate is better, again that is "Hate Speech!"
A few years back, Liberal Howard Dean, then the head of the Democratic Party, said that: "I HATE REPUBLICANS!" Did Liberals consider that to be "Hate Speech?" Of course not! They seldom mentioned it! Another time he said words to the effect that "Republicans never work! None of them have ever held a job!" "Hate Speech?" Don't be silly! Of course, if a Conservative said any of that about Liberals it would be different!
At this time these political GOONS are trying to take away our guns, exterminate Conservative Talk Radio, and control what is placed on the internet. If they succeed, will we have ANY Rights left? Not if they have their way! If they win about all we will be able to say to the President is "SIEG HEIL, MEIN FUHRER!!!