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  1. AK-47 Discussion Forum
    I have a few dozen Romanian G kits that I bought over 10 years ago before the GWB barrell import ban so they have original barrels that can still be used and also have every single original part (Full Auto FCG, etc). The receiver is cut up of course so it can never be reassembled without a new...
  2. Classifieds Area
    the more yellow picture with the maadis front end was to show that i added a cleaning rod to the kit, basically completing it
  3. Classifieds Area
    Mostly matching romy G stamped ak47, the original wood was stripped and bleached of the horrible finish that was on it, the metal parts have been kept well, mostly matching parts kit Bolt+front trunnion+carrier+top cover+return spring+rear sight, non matching gas tube (no biggie) comes with a...
  4. AK BIY forum
    All, my SBR form1 is approved and now time to take action to make a underfold mini draco. I have a Romanian underfolder stock in hand and right size drill bits. Now need a template to help locate the holes. the hchookie's template link appears not work. Can anyone share one? Thanks.
1-4 of 4 Results