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  1. Classifieds Area
    Ill get the pictures posted, then write about them, and what all is avalible, iv been dreading this post, id preferr to sell a few peices, opposed to, one extractor to one person who wants a deal, everyone wants a deal, and ill be very fair and reasonable, considering I NEED MONEY, pretty bad...
  2. Classifieds Area
    ak74 5.45x39 parts bunbdle package whatever you want to call it, not a full kit, unfortintly im all out of those now, just selling off everything else, dotting the I's and crossing the T's hopefully, unfortintly i prematurely sold some things otherwise this mightv actually of been a full kit, of...
  3. Classifieds Area
    looking to sell (10) 5.45x39 un opened spam cans 1080 rds per maybe.. $200 a can, and buyer pays shipping/if your close just pick it up?? im seeing them sell for more on other sights, i think theyr the 7n6 ammo that whoever banned or something? not sure, if someone could help me out with that, i...
1-3 of 3 Results