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TWELVE sex beasts have been freed to roam the streets ? DESPITE warnings they will strike again.

Most are paedophiles. One is a child killer who danced on his victim's grave. Another has vowed to rape a woman.

Concern over the 12 is so great that police are
routinely alerted to the danger men and told to monitor their movements.

But with their custodial sentences complete, officers are powerless to act until another offence has been committed.

Last night Michael Hames, ex-head of Scotland Yard?s Paedophile Unit, warned: ?Police and other agencies try to monitor these people.

?But surveillance is phenomenally expensive and can?t be maintained indefinitely. When police are withdrawn there?s a serious risk they?ll re-offend.?

The 12 monsters were uncovered by a shock Sun probe.

For legal reasons we cannot name them ? to avoid prejudicing the trials of any who may already have re-offended. They have been released in recent months after convictions for assaults on boys, girls and women.

They are among scores across Britain who are set free routinely as their sentences end.

But their risk of re-offending has been placed at levels ?serious,? ?high? and ?very high?. Many of them are being supervised by the probation service and living at hostels.

They are subject to night curfews ? but roam free by day. The 12 include one fiend caged for eight years for a catalogue of sex abuse against a girl of 14.

He was also convicted of manslaughter for killing another teenager, and was seen DANCING on her grave.

Another of the freed beasts has been diagnosed with a severe personality disorder and has vowed to rape a woman.

Yet another is a serial paedophile whose convictions include 15 indecent assaults on a lad and seven indecency counts. After showing Mr Hames our file on the men, he said: ?Many of these people are serial offenders. They should be in jail until such time as the authorities can be satisfied they no longer pose a threat.

?While inside, paedophiles go on sex offenders? programmes intended to address their behaviour. But there is evidence that they swap fantasies with other offenders about what they?d like to do when free.?

The Government vowed to TIGHTEN legislation governing convicted paedophiles? release following the abduction and murder of eight-year-old Sarah Payne in summer 2000.

But parents are still not allowed details of perverts lurking in their neighbourhood.

And schools are seldom alerted unless a suspected paedophile is posing a threat.

Last night children?s campaigners demanded action.
Liz Neailey?s son Wesley, 11, was murdered by paedophile Dominic McKilligan in Newcastle in 1998.

McKilligan was freed months earlier, despite warnings he may strike again.

Mrs Neailey raged: ?How many more children have to die before the authorities act??
CRIME: Sex Attacker

Age: 28

FREED from jail two months ago and vowed to rape a woman.

South London man with convictions for indecent assault, stalking and robbing women. Drink and drug problems and severe personality disorder.

CRIME: Paedophile

Age: 45

WANTED for recall to prison after going missing from Hampshire probation hostel.

Assessed as being at ?very high risk? of sexually re-offending against children.

History of ?grooming? youngsters with learning difficulties.

CRIME: Paedophile

Age: 48

A MENACE who cannot stop re-offending.

Convictions include 15 offences of indecent assault on a boy and seven of indecency.

Travels into London by bus and train, but barred from going near schools or playgrounds.

CRIME: Child Killer

Age: 48

TWISTED fiend got eight years for a catalogue of sex abuse against a girl aged 14. Served only five and is free despite fears he could kill.

Was convicted of manslaughter for the killing of another 14-year-old as part of a suicide pact. Formerly housed in a hostel with other paedophiles in Stratford, East London, he once played out a mock execution on a boy by forcing him to kneel with his head over a bucket while he wielded an axe.

BEASTS 5 & 6
CRIME: Paedophiles

Age: 22 & 18

THIS sick pair are COUSINS who invited two 13-year-old boys to an address in South West London and put them through a hideous and humiliating ordeal.

The boys were first of all forced to undress at knifepoint.

They were then ordered to perform degrading sex acts on each other while being beaten at the same time with a belt. The cousins were convicted of incitement to rape, indecent assault and false imprisonment.

They were sentenced to four-and-a-half years but were released after serving just 30 months behind bars.

Both were put on the sex offenders register for life and ordered to stay away from the Westminster area where the offences were committed.

But the evil pair have since threatened to go back.

CRIME: Child Rapist

Age: 36

RELEASED from London?s Wormwood Scrubs Prison after serving 18 months for raping his seven-year-old nephew.

Has been released on three previous occasions but failed to sign the Sex Offenders Register.

Several experts have said he poses a serious risk of harm to young boys. Police warned: ?It is vital we don?t lose contact with him until he?s housed.?

CRIME: Serial Paedophile

Age: 47

THIS fiend was branded a ?prolific? paedophile who was convicted of more than 30 offences on boys in Northern Ireland.

He was also charged with a similar offence on a youngster in Bayswater, West London.

He is currently on the loose with his whereabouts last listed as being at an address in Greenford, Middlesex.

CRIME: Child Rape & Kidnap

Age: 64

THIS pervert has previous convictions for rape, abduction and indecent assaults on children under 14.

He has also committed robbery, a string of assaults and sexual offences. He was living in temporary accommodation in Paddington, West London, and is listed as a ?very dangerous man?.

Worried experts described him as ?violent and mental?.

CRIME: Child Sex Attacker

Age: 51

THIS despicable pervert indecently assaulted his nine-year-old niece and forced her to drink his URINE.

He has been rated ?highly likely? to re-offend.

The man is now believed to be living rough in central London.

But he has visited the Haringey and Stoke Newington areas and has found work as a decorator.

CRIME: Rapist

Age: 35

THIS sex offender was released from high-security Whitemoor Jail in Cambridgeshire after serving 15 years for two counts of rape and one of possession of an imitation firearm.

He was living in a hostel in Kilburn, North London.

A report on him warned: ?He is at very high risk of repeat offending.?

CRIME: Rapist

Age: 50

BRANDED a ?predatory and violent? offender who attacks lone women at night, this man was jailed for life in 1984 for six rapes, indecent assault, grievous bodily harm and robbery.

But now he is given rehabilitation leave every two months and can roam about unescorted for a week at a time.

He was due to stay in a hostel in Beckenham, Kent.


Why is it the media have got something right in the UK, they're trying to make the names and address's available to the public of all known sex offenders but here in Ohio when the CCW becomes law in April my name will be published by the media but at the same time I have no idea who may be a threat to my family in my neighbourhood???


The Sun
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