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19.95 Ak Trigger Sets

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Curtis just sent an email out, both single and double hook are 19.95 while supplies last. Be sure to put in the code G2 when ordering. Stock up boys!:nanabang:
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Got my order in earlier this afternoon. Thanks Curtis :rockin:
All full up right now but that is a good price.
Trigger groups arrived today. Great deal, great service !!

...............almost forgot, and a free pen to boot :D
Oh well for a free pen I'd better jump on board :D
Went ahead and ordered up two of these sets. Who knows if these will be available before too much longer?
I ordered 3 sets and I do need a new AK Builder pen! When people see one on my desk they ask if they can have it. I've already lost 3 that way.:dunno:
Got my triggers and my free pen great deal:nanabang:
Just ordered 4 sets. Could not let this good deal go by.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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