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1) Remove magazine from firearm and make sure the chamber is empty. Make sure the chamber is empty again.

2) With thumb, press inward on knurled end of plug, at same time rotating barrel bushing 1/4 turn clockwise to free plug and recoil spring assembly. Rest heel of gun on table so both hands may be used.

3) Remove plug and recoil spring. If spring does not come free easily, rotate plug in counter-clockwise direction to separate from recoil spring.

4) Rotate barrel bushing counter-clockwise until disengaged from slide. Remove barrel bushing.

5) Pull the slide toward the rear until lug on slide stop is right underneath the clearance notch on slide (half-moon shaped notch). Press on the slide stop from the right side of the frame to remove it from the frame.

6) Remove the slide stop.

7) Pull slide assembly to the rear and off the frame. Recoil spring guide can now be lifted out.

8) Push the barrel link forward and remove barrel from front of slide.

9) With hammer cocked, rotate safety lock almost to "On" position (about half way). It can now be pulled out and away from the frame.

10) Remove the hammer pin. If your pin is tightly fitted in the frame, you may need to use a punch or pointed object to push the pin out from the opposite side.

11) Lift out the hammer assembly.

12) Using the hammer strut, punch out mainspring housing pin, or use a punch and small hammer to gently tap the pin out.

13) Slide the mainspring housing off the frame.

14) Lift out the grip safety.

15) Lift out the sear spring.

16) Remove the sear pin.

17) Remove the sear and disconnector. Note the relationship of these parts to facilitate reassembly.

18) Depress magazine catch from left side; at same time rotate magazine catch lock 1/4 turn counter-clockwise using the lip of the sear spring or a small flat screwdriver. The magazine catch assembly can then removed from the right side of the frame. The mag catch assembly can be further disassembled by turning the lock clockwise 1/4 turn. Spring and lock will then come out.

19) Remove the trigger.

To re-assemble, simply follow the above steps in reverse order.

Barrel and Slide

1) With the hammer strut or punch, push out the link pin, separating link from barrel.

2) With the hammer strut, push in on the firing pin. At same time place your fingernail or a pointed object at the top of the stop and push downward, freeing the firing pin stop from the recess in the slide.

3) Remove the firing pin stop. Firing pin and spring can now be removed from the slide.

4) With the hammer strut, pry out and remove the extractor.

5) Separate the firing pin from firing pin spring.

To re-assemble, simply follow the above steps in reverse order.

  • The hammer and sear pin always goes in from the left side of the frame.
  • Simple green works well for cleaning. You may also use cold water and soap. Dry and lubricate immediately after cleaning.
  • Your ejector and grip screws do not need to be removed on a regular basis (unless you're changing them). For the ejector, simply use the appropriate punch and drift the pin out. For the grip screws, use a short flat-head screwdriver.
  • If you notice overly worn parts - change them or see a qualified and reputable gunsmith for advice.
  • When cleaning and disassembling, always make sure your weapon is safe - magazine removed and no round in the chamber. Have fun and stay safe!
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