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1994 Gun Kote

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Well, after hardening the hammer/trigger holes on my ACE receiver it started to rust a little. Normally I bead blast then phosphate, but since I don't have access to the bead blaster right now, I decided to use Gun Kote to protect the finish until I'm able to phosphate.

I had some Gun Kote Flat Black that was purcahsed back in 1994. Guess what? The stuff had solidified with an oily like substance on top. I stuck a screwdriver into the muck and started stirring. About 20 minutes later everything was well mixed but quite thick. So I added acetone and it seemed ok. I then sanded my ACE receiver, cleaned it up, stuck it in the oven at 180 degrees and then sprayed many light coats re-heating back to 180 degrees between coats. Then heated it for 1 hour at 300 degrees. Let it cool then put oil on it. I must say that the color finish doesn't match the original. The original is a more shiney black (kinda) and the Gun Kote looks a little brownish black compared to the original but overall it doesn't look THAT" bad.

The finish seems hard as it didn't come off (yet) when moving the selector lever. I wonder if it was a newer batch, the finish might be more blackish? Anyone use Flat Black Gun Kote and compare it to the original AMD finish?

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What would the effect have been if you baked the finish at 300 degrees after each coat? Whats the difference between MEK and Acetone? The manufacturer suggests thinning with MEK. Just some thoughts. By the way, your AK looks really nice! Jack
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