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308 ball penetration

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popped a wild boar with the armalite yesterday, was a straight on shot was looing directly at me, which for me was great as i wanted a head shot so i didn't ruin any meat, well after the kaboom an the pig falling i go up and check it was only about 50 yds in heavy brush, took em tween the eyes pretty much went through the head the shoulders came out half way down the back over 2 foot of penetration ! gotta love ball !
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Great about the ball ammo. Similarly, I once Texas heart-shot a coyote so cleanly you couldn't see the entrance wound, and the bullet came out his mouth! 6mm Remington, 100 grain SP at about 50 yards.

The pelt buyers paid me a premium for a non-shot hide (him being HUGE also helped). That plus a $25 farmer/rancher bounty of the time netted me a total of $80 minus one cartridge for that 'yote! It was around 1975 or so.
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