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.308 conversion details

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Hello, I want to buy and convert a Saiga .308 all the way to a ''normal'' A.K. I have done a few searches on various forums looking for my answers and I am getting a headache, so I am hoping someone here can spell it out in one post for me. I do not have a rifle yet, so I do not know exactly how they differ from traditional A.K.s.also take in to account I have the tools and buttloads of A.K. parts and built over a dozen A.K.s to my questions:starting with the P.G.,trigger guard & F.C.G.can I just use one of my spare A.K. trigger guards and a Tapco G2 and install,straight forward? selector lever the same? or replace with spare A.K. one? next, just press off G.B. & F.S.B. and replace with my spare A.K. parts? H/G retainer? basically, can you just decribe the whole process from one end to the other. Thanks and sorry for the long spiel, Tom
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