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Now that the monkey is dead I really do need some information. I have a Stevens(?) 325c bolt action .30-30. It has a laminated walnut stock that is probably worth more than the whole rifle. It shoots nice and is my knock around rifle. The only problem is that it has a three shot magazine that fits clear up into the rifle. It does have round notches to grab the magazine with your fingers, but it will not pop out easily. Trying to remove the magazine with two fingers is a real bitch. Question: Is there a larger capacity magazine that would let it stick down farther where I could grab the magazine with my whole hand? Like the ten round magazines for an AK. Or is there something wrong with the holding mechanism that won't let the magazine drop out by itself?


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I searched all the usual hard to find parts places and came up w/ nothing. Can you create small divits on both sides so your fingers can reach up 'into' the stock?
How about a pull ring of some kind?

Hey, I just found a page that may have some helpful information on it. Could it be that it is binding up as described on the page?

Stevens 325 /Savage 340 Bolt Act
Thanks. I did just a smidge of file work and that pretty much did it. It was wanting to tip the front of the magazine down. A pull ring on the bottom also might help with gloves on.

I had a Savage 340 mag that was so screwed up from the previous owner, I finally pitched it in a drawer and bought another mag at a gun show. Glad you got yours fixed!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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