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4thIDVET are you in jail?

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Just checking to see if you made it back ok. I didn't hear any news stories of a big ugly white guy getting arrested on I95 with a truck full of guns!!

It was a pleasure to finally get to meet you and give you the tour of the place, Agent Hector says hello too!!
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Probably just stopped off at a bar on the way home :D
Well not quite but almost.
After I left you guys place I went back to my Buds place on the beach in Boca. Rite around the corner from your shop.
Where I proceeded to have a few sips of the devils brew.
Now not one too be much in favor of drinking and driving. Especially with a truck load of guns.
I made the mistake of thinking I could drive 280 miles home. I was more tired than inbibed.
Sooo. I got on the Fla. turnpike heading "wrong direction" toward Miami. Dont ask. :)
I know a lot of people down there, so I pulled off at the next exit and got out the old address book.
Made calls and finally found someone who would pick up the phone. :)
I have a key to my girlfriends mothers house, who told me too stay the night there. Margate.
Only bad part was here brother is a Religious fanatic anti drinker. He shows up and me and Mom had to sip the devils brew in a back bedroom.
Love the lady. She likes the devils brew. :)
Got up in the morning and was able to see "North" on the turnpike.
Followed the signs back to my swamp and all is good. No jail. :)
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