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6.8 spc

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Any one do a 6.8 spc conversion,Im rather interested in this cartridge.It seems to cover intermediate rifle performance quite well.Just curious and Id like to see some photos.Thanks guys.:ak47::ak47:
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Yeah we discussed this a while back. I think it would be a good conversion, probably easiest to convert a Saiga .223 rifle or something similar. .223 mags should work but it probably needs a new follower.
Id go with a 6.5 grendal instead.

I have a 6.8 spc barrel but the round just dosent excite me. Id start with a 223 kit or sagia with spring loaded firing pin and open the bolt up. a 223 ak to ar mag converter would allow you to use the 6.8 spc specific mags. its certainl doable.

there are now two versions of the 6.8 spc the version two its the one to have as it allows higher performance. the twist is differant as well.
I'll have to read up on v 2 as I thought that was for a chamber improvement that wasn't made to the first batch of barrels.

The reason for 6.8 is that you get .308-level performance out to 400 yards in a .223 sized package. Nothing more. A 6.5 Grendel / 6.5 PPC is for long-range accuracy in a .223 package. The whole "no one can use our reamers but us" thing with AA has really turned me off to the 6.5 Grendel altogether.
The whole "no one can use our reamers but us" thing with AA has really turned me off to the 6.5 Grendel altogether.
reamers that are very close to the original are avaliabel for rent. they work well I did a barrel for a vz 58 that came out good.

your get 308 trajectory out of a 6.8 but you dont get the performance of a 150GR 30cal upon impact.

the 6.8 has never performed as remington advertised
If ya want a 6.5 grendel you can use a 6.5 bpc reamer. Thats what I rented for ibiggun when he did the barrel for my vz-58. What he did for me worked awesome. I agree with ya on what AA has been doing. The grendel would have really taken off if A.A. would have allowed it to. Personally I like it much better than the 6.8 spc . Comparing the two AR uppers I have, the grendel is much more accurate and that's using wolf ammo.
Not to drift, but I think Les Baer Custom, Inc. released the .264 LBC-AR so maybe the Grendel reamer thing will loosen up a bit.
I saw that and it appears,if I read it right, that the specs over lap and it would work with grendel ammo. Probably their way of getting around A.A. fees.
I saw that and it appears,if I read it right, that the specs over lap and it would work with grendel ammo. Probably their way of getting around A.A. fees.
In my limited reading, that's how I saw it.
theres there is more than a hand full of reamers out there that will shoot the grendal round the 6.5 green doll is one. not to take away from alexander armsas he is the one to bring the round to market but he didnt do anything that wildcaters have been doing since day one. he took a wildcat (6mm PPC) of a wild cat (220 russan) and wilded cated it by blowing the shoulder forward and expanding the neck. there were already 6.5mm PPC and variants out there. He did a lot with the round but also killed it by trying to hold onto the rights to be the only one to make the chamber. The easy way to go around that is do exactly what he did Wildcat his wildcat. add a thou to the length change the neck dia slightly or the neck angle a degree and order a reamer. There are nemerious improved versions of the grendal out there.

If i want a 6.5mm rifle tht does every thing that the grendal does but better on a AK plate form ill just build a 260 remington, OH WAIT I ALREADY AM. If I want to buid a close version to a 6.8 spc that will far excede it ill just build a 7mm-08 OH WAIT I ALREADY AM. its pretty simple to get a 308 length round into a standard AK reciver why keep trying to get more from a small round when a bigger better cheaper version will work. the grendal and 6.8spc both run higher pressures than the 7.62x39 BTW. Your going to haave to mod a reciver and do custom stuff might as well just make it take a 308win length round while your at it. grendal and spc ammo is not cheap so your going to want to reload any way to feed it might as well just reduce loads slightly on a 22-250,243,260, 7mm-08, 308, 338-08, 358-08, etc to get what you want and use cheaper avaliable brass. oh yea there is a 6.8-308 / 270-308 wild cat out there as well nobody really uses it much because the 6.5mm and 7mm bullets are better and more choices.
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They aren't necessarily better choices, unless you're considering an overall performance increase. I think the 6.8 has merit for what it does, just don't push it beyond its limits. I for one would not have a problem building one. Heck I'll take one of each! :D
IMOO the only real advantage the 6.8 SPC or the grendal have over the rounds I mentioned is that they will fit in a AR mag. Carry weight is less but so what Im not taking any thing I build into battel and likely is 99.9% of the readers here. there is nothing a 6.5 grendal can do performanmce wise that a 260 remington cant do better. there is noting a 6.8 can do that a 7mm-08 cant do better. I see no reason the be restricted to AR limitations in a AK that dosent have to have them.

Id like to have a 6.5 grendal in a AK and the 6.8 is not a bad round I just feel the grendal is better. the gains that the 6.8 have at close range arnt treally going to make much of a differance n the real world as your dead or wonded both ways but at 450 yardsthe 6.5 will have a much larger advantage and even more so a 600. i dont know much about war and combate but I do know that if I could see the enemy id like to be able to shoot at them. and the grendal has the advantage. Im a hunter to i want the extra horse power of a longer round and i dont care what the weight differance is. I car how much it costs to shoot and reload and how accurate it is.
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Don't you also need a 3 lug bolt for the 308ish rds as well?
Don't you also need a 3 lug bolt for the 308ish rds as well?
read all the threads here and decide for your self. I have several 308 based calibur guns but as I mentioned above hand load and keep the pressures down. the 308 GALIL is two lug and the bolt looks identcal to a normal bolt but witha big bolt face. there is a extensive 308 conversion thread here. keep in mind that the grendal and the spc are bolth loaded heavier than a x39 as well.

even at reduced pressures the larger case capicity rounds still out perform the smaller ones. a good example is a 300 savage loaded at around 45,000 VS a x39 round the the x39 loses by 300-400 fps. its the same with a light loaded 308.
I just wish somebody reliable would start making AR mag adapters instead of MSA.

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