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6.8spc for ar-15

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hey, I'm building up a new ar and I want one in the new 6.8 rem cal. but I havn't been able to find out if the standard 5.56 mags can be used for the 6.8s since they are a little larger around the middle and I havn't seen anyone advertizing them, if anyone know anything about it I would sure like to hear from you.
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hey, bopleo I'm not sure if the 7.62s will or not but I do know that the followers in them is a bit different than the 5.56s even though the outer mags are the same, thats why I'm wondering about the 6.8s, I've read that the govt' is getting special mags for them and working on a new follower to convert the 5.56s to handel the 6.8s, the artical says that a thirty round mag (5.56) converted will hold twenty four rounds of the 6.8s, thats why I'm wondering if anyones is making the kits or completed mags for the public yet, since several of the aftermarket manufacturers are sellings kits for the 6.8s but not the mags for them. I really would like to build one of the 6.8s now since the kits are fairly cheap and its ballistics are a lot better than either the 7.62x39 or the 5.56, it is said to fire a 115gr. hornaday spirepoint at 2650fps out of a 14.5in. barrel of a m4 rifle and have the wound caracteristics of a 7.62x51 match round out to 500 yrds. but am not sure about the mags availability or compatibility with the 5.56 and don't want to fire like a single shot.
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