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7.62x25 AR

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Im interested in building my next AR in 7.62x25tok. I want to SBR it with a 7.5 in bbl. Ive found a few upper reciever kits to convert for arount $800!!
From what I understand the standard AR boltface has to be opened up a bit, or a custom bolt be used. Theres vids all over you tube of guys with Tokarev ARs but they dont give any build info so thats why Im here. Anybody got any info where to get the parts to BIY?
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get a ppsh 41 or 43 bbl, they are cheap and chrome lined. make a bushing to fit it to the upper and cut it to the desired length. thats half the battle. then make a mag well adapter for either ppsh 41 or 43 mags. they are cheap and readily available.
why dont you do one in blowback like I did mine. Just use off the shelf 9mm AR parts and My mag adapter with a 7.5 barrel.

YouTube - erieordnancejim's Channel

Blowback works well with the length of barrel you are talking about.
please elaborate. I dont understand using 9mm parts, which parts?
the 9mm bolt head works just perfectly on the 7.62x25 case...

thats what im using in my Prexis tok upper and im pretty sure thts what MadMachinist is using in the other AR upper that he is custom building for me.

9mm bolt in a ar15 carrier?
9mm ar bolt head.. YEP for the 9mm AR.. they sell them at most of the decent parts places.

model 1
How will blowback work with the locking mechanism of the AR bolt? Theres no gas to move the carrier aft thus unlocking the bolt from the chamber?
Pirate56, I cant seem to find a ppsh41 barrel for sale anywhere....Where are they cheap and available?????
those barrels are getting a little harder to find..

if you'll hang in till next week i'll have you some pix of my new custom 7.62 TOK ar upper in action and how you can get one.

or you could always look at my tok AR upper in the side feeder from Prexis.

Thanks dutigaf. Looking forward to it.
Pirate56, I cant seem to find a ppsh41 barrel for sale anywhere....Where are they cheap and available?????
Best bet is a barrel blank and make your own.....I have a new blank on the way and am looking at a barrel to shoot tok ammo with a 9mm blowback colt style bolt, and a heavy buffer.......not sure how my magwell adaptor will work as it was designed for a gas operated arrangement but it is on my list of things to do....but honestly.....once you shoot a gas gun you wonder why you ever screwed with blowback.
Rudy (mad-Machinist) made me the gun we mentioned and it is a gas operated ar that runs perfectly on all brands of ammo ive tried in it so far...

and ive got a thread here on it that was hit today...

at this link:
Unfortunately it isn't one of mine.....LOL......
I'll extend the same $50 discount to Gunco members off the $850 retail for a complete tested upper with magwell adaptor that is available to members of the weaponsguild. One added benefit of my design is NO modifications to the PPS43 magazine is required...just stick'em in and shoot..........let me know if I can help any one......

hey Mad tell me more about your 7.62x25 DI AR setup?
what's different about it from other rigs like the Ron Williams upper at RMW Xtreme?
Dont want to put down another mans product...

but i will "put up" Rudy's..

not only is Rudy a stand up guy, he makes a fantastic product and stands behind it in everyway..

love mine and shoot it all the time. ...
It's all good duti I just wanted to know what differences if any there are between the 2 uppers.

I am sure that both are fine.I have personal Xperience with the RMW upper:biggrin:
all cool bud...

i'll put it this way:

theres not a "tool mark" on Rudy's anywhere.. its very very high quality and you can tell he takes his time and hand fits it all together.

ive not handled the RMW versions so couldnt give you an honest input on those.
hey Mad tell me more about your 7.62x25 DI AR setup?
what's different about it from other rigs like the Ron Williams upper at RMW Xtreme?

What would you like to know?.....I build each one basically to customer base model with a flat top upper, rail handguard (midlegnth with a custom vented endcap) , and a 16 inch barrel runs $850.00 It includes a mag well adaptor for PPS43 magazines that uses the original mag release from the AR and requires no modification to the mods...just stick it in and shoot.

My gas blocks are made from steel and honed to fit the barrel and are a split clamp design and my gas tubes are hand made from stainless tubing and removable from the block. I prefer the split clam design as it completely removable on the 16 inch barrel standard uppers, and I am working on a two piece block that is removable on the CAR style uppers without removing the frontsight base....Dutigaf has the prototype of that one on his TOK 15.

If you want an A2 upper, or a carbine legnth handguard with a standard FSB all is doable....just need to send me an email with your preferences of what you want and we can get started. Also...if you have parts like an upper, bolt carrier and bolt, charging handle....I'll be happy to use them and deduct my cost of those parts from the cost of the build.

I'll try and get a pic of my personal later is the standard model.
They shoot phenomally...I have upwards of 6000 rounds through mine and it just runs better every day. When it was developed...I had occasional jams resulting from failures to eject...but they went away after I shot up all the 1950's bulgarian ammo I had:biggrin:....with the current czech and romanian stuff it runs 100% magwell feeds from the forward position in the magwell, so no auxillary feed ramps are necessary....the feed ramp is a minor modification to the barrel extension, but it dosent eliminate any of the locking lugs like some pistol caliber conversions I have seen, closer the mag is to the chamber...better it feeds....:cheers:

feel free to email me at [email protected] with any other questions. Hope to be opening the doors under a new name in the next 6 months, I'll be doing complete pistol caliber conversions,(complete guns) primarily gas but will be doing blowback too as Macon Armory. Hopefully in the fiuture we can occupy the actual grounds of the old Macon Armory (CSA) within the next two years. (I like to metal detect too) If someone would like a complete gun is not a problem...a local 07 is a friend and as we help each other out, he will be happy to process and complete gun transactions for me...I build the uppers and then assemble and test at his place and he does the transfer for now.

Sorry I have't been around too much as of late...but been trying to stay in the a couple of prototypes in the works and about 10 customer builds going right now ranging from a 40 S&W AR pistol to a 10mm on an AR45 lower with grease gun mags with a heap o TOK15's and AR45 in between. Also working on a 5.56 pistol with a 4 inch buffer that actually runs.....and I can do pistol uppers or SBR on request

Ya'll holler if I can help ya....

Here's a quick video of mine runnin with the old bulgy ammo
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VERY nice MAD!

I am interested in learning more about your mag adapter.
If you post pix of your upper post some pix of the mag adapter also.
I have bought some tools from you so I know your quality is good.
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