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74 side folder spring/pin ?

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hey guys, been away for a while (personal crap).

working on the next build and had a question if someone knows.

got one of those AK74s' from Rapid fire (very nice kit) and I had a question about the spring and retainer pin for the folder.

after wearing my thumbs out getting the spring in between the rear trunion and over the release (is there an easier way) putting the pin in the thing it's all working right but I had to put the small pin in about the third spring wind to fit. Is that how it's supposed to go, I have never seen one with the spring on it before.

Anyone have some schematics, I fiinally found the template over on Roderus for the cut...

here's the picture of the parts in question, I left my camera at work so I can't post the results picture yet.


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QUESTION - is that an '74 kit with a folding stock????? Are those still available, and for how much?

My site iwll be back up soon... Verizon said they will have it installed or delivered next week... we'll see. The way things are going I'm expecting it will be a DOA modem. This move has been a real PITA.

Anyway, let me be sure that you are asking about that little pin in-between the L-shaped pin and the spring? It goes into that hole on the retainer pin, which compresses the spring just a little bit more. I assume they need that extra litle bit of compression since the spring has to be loose enough to insert into position.

I can appreciate your sore fingers! That spring was a real bugger to get in. My guess is there is a compression tool of some sort at the factory that squeezes the spring, then they slide it into place. I was able to "twist" the spring in from the outside by carefully using needle-nose pliers to thread it from the outside of the receiver, then twisting it the rest of the place. That way, the spring "threaded" itself into position.

- Jerry
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