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74 side folder spring/pin ?

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hey guys, been away for a while (personal crap).

working on the next build and had a question if someone knows.

got one of those AK74s' from Rapid fire (very nice kit) and I had a question about the spring and retainer pin for the folder.

after wearing my thumbs out getting the spring in between the rear trunion and over the release (is there an easier way) putting the pin in the thing it's all working right but I had to put the small pin in about the third spring wind to fit. Is that how it's supposed to go, I have never seen one with the spring on it before.

Anyone have some schematics, I fiinally found the template over on Roderus for the cut...

here's the picture of the parts in question, I left my camera at work so I can't post the results picture yet.


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absolutely, it should be here, I think I saw it on Pookie's site, but thats gone what happened while I was away?


yes, it's on just that it looks like it needs something else. I guess I am convinced that it's right. I would like a pic of someone else's complete assembly.
I just got my rivets yesterday and will have it all done by this time next week.
(if work doesn't get in the way)
it's done, well almost

sore fingers and all. That spring gets easier each time you mess with it, I finally decided the best way was to snake it over the retainer pin and push it in as best as posissible.
I parked it and riveted it last nite, (damn good park job if you ask me) and pressed the barrel this AM before work. (I am compulsive)
Anyway here's a pic of the beast minus the FCG and safety. I still need to decide what I am going to do for paint. Thats always my hardest decision.
And of course the awb and 922 compliance issues.

Jerry glad to see you back as well,here's the link to rapidfire's kits if you haven't found it.

Leper I would like to get together on a flat bending jig for my next adventure , and if you need some help I would be glad to provide.


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that spring too is not the easiest, I had played with it before I riveted in the trunion and had a plan for it, I used a small file handle and pushed the tension off of it while trying to line it up in the trunion hole.

1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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