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74 side folder spring/pin ?

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hey guys, been away for a while (personal crap).

working on the next build and had a question if someone knows.

got one of those AK74s' from Rapid fire (very nice kit) and I had a question about the spring and retainer pin for the folder.

after wearing my thumbs out getting the spring in between the rear trunion and over the release (is there an easier way) putting the pin in the thing it's all working right but I had to put the small pin in about the third spring wind to fit. Is that how it's supposed to go, I have never seen one with the spring on it before.

Anyone have some schematics, I fiinally found the template over on Roderus for the cut...

here's the picture of the parts in question, I left my camera at work so I can't post the results picture yet.


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That spring is a royal pain in the butt isn't it. I ended up using an allen wrench on mine as a guide while I slid the sping on then after I got it in I could angle the wrench down to line it up with the holes.
That was actually the easier of the 2 for me. The forward stock retainer spring as a pain too. I had to make a replacment spring (my orginal had a little accident) which wasn't quite as small as the factory one.
Oh and nice rifle. :thumbup1:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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