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8x42 PSOP Where and how much$$$$

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Got this on the AK forum also, but I'm wondering where would be the best place to find one, and how much money are these bringing?? Thanks in advance.
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These people has lots of goodies, and they treat you right.Welcome to Kalinka Optics Warehouse!
+1, Kalinka is top drawer. The rest can be iffy.
OPTICS PLANET got mine for $188+ Way best deal and a highly rep company I understand. Site didn't work and I called them and left a message. Gremlins! If we could just shoot those "hackers and spammers" all this crap would self resolve. LOL now.....don't turn me in.

I used the 4X on a AK way back. It had a lens that looked to have been made from a melted down Coke bottle. The lens had a bubble in the glass at the 10 o'clock posit. Light gathering, you ask? Silly goose. The cross hairs looked to have been painted on the glass with a small brush somewhere inside the scope and the vert bar had a point, tho-it-be off center and tilted, on it that made it appear like a 2X4 whittled. I have never seen such a poor specimen in my life and couldn't have imagined it. The thing came off the assembly line "broked".

The owner just smiled coyly at the look on my face and said "go ahead, try her out". Off the hood of a hot truck and a blanket, I put 20 out of 20 rounds into a 4X4 inch piece of steel plate in quick fire. Bang..clang....20 times at 100 meters. I had never fired a AK. That piece of crap scope went 6 hours in the woods shooting everything in sight, safely now, and was still; holding true zero. He took it out of the back of his PU truck and slapped the scope on the rifle. I am looking forward to my 8 X 42 that is in the mail. They work just fine and they look bitch'n.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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