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9mm magblock plans

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I tried the search and came up short. I would like to build a 9mm AR. Does anyone have plans or know a source for plans to an AR magblock that will accept sten mags? I have a mill but have only seen pictures of the blocks. Construction seems pretty straight forward.
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I don't have any plans but I know olympic Arms had an Ar upper that took sten mags they were not all that well thought of, as far as reliability, I didn't like the look of the small wire ejector.. bad design etc.. you may be better off using the UZI mags conversion.. Colt used role pins through the body of the receiver to install the 9mm magazine block.. the original colts also used a magazine like the uzi with a bolt hold open follower.. I have a colt type 9mm upper made by American S Arms. The mag block fits better in some receivers than others, my PWA receiver it is very very tight and in my LRB receivers it is sightly loose.. loose seems better to me.. I have had to do a lot of tweeking to get it to run correctly.. mag problems, Many diferent uzi mags from different countries require some fitting. I've had some failure to feed, stove piping up into the feed ramp...may be mag prob. I needed a heavy buffer also to keep from beating up the fire control pins and it required a special 9mm hammer until I modifies the carrier to work with the standard hammer.. 9mm.. is cheap to reload and it is a fun gun to shoot but get a mag loading tool.. the UZi mags are a bitch to load hard on your thumbs.. B2B
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I got a file for one that I need to put deminsions on but dont know what mags it uses.
Drawings are located on pages 84-86 of Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance Volume V, AR-15/M-16 by Bill Holmes. They are rather crude but you should be able to refine them.

Copy of the book is available as a free pdf on internet but I don't remember where I got it.
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