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JoeLad said:
Hi folks. My first post here, but I've been around other boards for a while.

I'm a complete novice when it comes to machine work. Is there a good book out there that explains machine work in simple terms? I need to learn about X and Y axis, cutting tools, etc.

I know working with a machinist would help me immensely, but I don't know one.



There is a two volume set call "Machine Shop Practices" that are excellent. There is an old South Bend Lathe book called "How to Run a Lathe". It was written back in the 1940's but it is a pretty good basic book. There are two magazines that are published every other month. One is called "The Home Shop Machinest" the other used to be called "Projects in Metal" but the name has been changed. I can't remember what the new name is this second. (Senior moment!)

The best hands on method that won't cost an arm and a leg= check your local vocational/technical state run school. They may have evening machine shop courses. They last two semesters generally. You will have to pay for the course, cost of the course book, and a small "Lab" fee. (Usually discounts for veterans.) These are well worth the time.

Lastly, look on the internet for "machinist clubs" in your area. Some of them meet monthly.

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