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A PMKMS Group Buy Would Be Great

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I was wondering if a group buy for the PMKMS would be possible. Everyone comments on how nice these kits are, and I'd like to save a little money. If a moderator, or someone else who knows how to set this up would be willing, count me in for a kit. :)
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I believe there's a place in N.C. called "Tick Bite Supply" or something like that (I have the web address at home), from what I recall the kits looked used. I think Sportsman's Guide still has some, but they seem overpriced even with various discounts. I doubt S.G. would give a group buy price. It would be good to save some cash when a source is found....
Just checked, no polish kits, but they have some German sidefolders....
I bought my AMD-63 from them four or five months ago, and it was in great shape. I received it quickly too. I would just ask them more details about the kit, and what you expected. They seemed OK when I made my order.

I checked Sportsman's Guide, and they are out of kits as well....
Unfortunately, it seems that these kits are now sold-out. I am glad you received a nice kit scubadvr. Maybe more are around somewhere....
I read a post from Harlan on another board that said they were sold out of the Polish kits until Global gets more in. I didn't see any E. German folders for sale on the site, but I did see some AMD's.
According to their website, Tickbite is out of the East German kits as well as the Polish kits. I haven't called them to confirm this. I believe FAC is out of the Polish as well.
1 - 7 of 25 Posts
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