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Already hard to get, Arsenal has decided to cut back production of its milled AK's. The company plans to concentrate on stamped rifles, reducing the milled gun to low production numbers. Having, in a way, waited since last September for my second SA M7 Carbine, I can imagine a waiting list a mile long for future milled AK production.

Here's the complete link to the thread (started by Arsenal) on the K-VAR site:

I'm glad I got several of the milled rifles while they were available. Even though Arsenal denies that it is cutting out production of the milled one entirely, things could change and they could decide to phase them out entirely at some future date.

This is a sad, sad day...


(NOTE: Thekatar apparently started a thread almost identical to this one earlier; I decided just to let this one stand without deleting it since it's on a different forum from his. But he DID beat me to it!)
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