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I needed an excuse to see if I remembered how to copy pictures from picyard over here, so I'm treating those of you that care to a picture of my favorite band, Blondie, in a free download from an older version of their official website

As outlined in several magazine articles of that era, the singer Debbie Harry is NOT Blondie; Blondie is the name of the whole band. In a way, I don't think that ever stuck and everybody now thinks of Debbie Harry as Blondie.

I like all of their original albums, but not any of the "reunion" stuff. Keyboardist Jimmy Destri doesn't even play on the band's latest DVD and CD "Live By Request."

Speaking of DVD's, I just ordered another copy of the DVD pictured below. I already had it, but I wanted a spare. You see, it came out in March 2004 and is already out of print, so if you like the band and you want one, you'd better hurry. It's a BBC video of a Glasgow Scotland concert in 1979, and features songs only from their third and fourth albums, Parallel Lines and Eat to the Beat , respectively. still has some, but you have to link to CD dealers affiliated with them through their website.

Good visuals, average performance. Recommended because there are so few videos of the band's heyday.


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