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A thumb safety, Is it legal?

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Gentlemen I have a question about possible changes made to the safety on an AMD-63 build. It?s been bouncing around in my head for a time, don?t get me wrong I like the look of the AK but I?ll be doing a build using an Ace blank and have been working on a left-hand thumb safety (in my head) for some time. One thing I need to know is if it?s legal to make such a change without getting the ATF after me? I just thought there might be some stupid rule about modifying the safety, believe me I?m into good safeties and would never build something that isn?t 100% as reliable as the original. I?d just like it on the left side, smaller and thumb activated. Or maybe I just want to be different from all the others?
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Thanks 7.62X39 and the rest of you too.
Well they have stupid laws that say we have to have a certain number of US made parts so I thought maybe there might be one on tampering with the safety.

I?ve never seen that safety (from K-Var)before, I would think that it takes a strong thumb to move that bugger because you have to overcome the resistance of the selector lever sliding up and down. I?m thinking of putting together a safety more like that on an AR-15, a smaller horizontal lever that moves up and down and that way I can eliminate the original 4-? inch monster (again, I do like the AK?s look but want to be different).
I don?t like to take my hand off the grip or my eye away from the sights to turn a safety off or on.
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