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Last funshow I bought a OD green case for my Valmet from ACE..It was $30.00 and very nice...It is made from the oil cloth like those Aussy Outback jackets, so it repels water and such, very well made and cheap..

Well today at the same fun show I wanted to buy one more, but lord and behold the price went up to $45.00..Anyway I asked the guy if it was correct, he said yes..So I told him about buying the last one they had at the past show for $30.00 and I wanted more, so he sold me one for $30.00 instead of the new price of $45.00

Now that is service, 100% made in the USA, with a liftime replacement garuntee...Can't beat that with a stick!!!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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