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I came across one at the pawn shop I use for my FFL transfers and he wanted $900 cash out the door. I was thinking that was a decent price. Not that I particularly want one, but if I buy it and just don't happen to like it and then resell it???
I've looked all over and this has been discontinued and scarce. I've also heard that sometimes there are cycling also has the SEF trigger pack?
Anyone have any experience on these, are they in demand?
Here's a pic:


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kevin_m4 said:
Anyone have any experience on these, are they in demand?:
A later manufactured one, say post-2000 (with a stamped not cast reciever) has a good chance to run well. Look at the trigger assembly, is it plastic or sheet metal, the good ones are plastic. Also does it have a paddle mag release? The newer manufactured ones came with the paddle-style release and have a 90% or better chance of running well. If it has all those things its well worth the 900, they are on Sturmweghr for 1200-1500 in good condition.

I own a 2002 production and ran 4500 rounds through without cleaning before the first FTF. I still feed it 300 rounds every so often. I've never handled a better 9mm carbine (though for 4x more you can buy real HK.)

If it has the stamped reciever and none of the others, it is more chancy (some work great others need tuning) but since you are getting it for the price of a parts kit plus receiver you can afford to send it to a HK smith for reworking...about 150 plus some $$ real HK parts later and you won't tell the difference from a HK94 (except in your wallet.)

There are some people who have and love the cast reciever model, they too could be tuned to run very well, but not all the real HK accessories will fit so these are not in as great demand.

Try for a good resource.

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